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October 21, 2011

Hamilton, Ontario — Thanks to new partnerships with Mohawk College, fifteen businesses in southern Ontario will have an opportunity to bring innovative products to market and increase their productivity and competitiveness. Today, David Sweet, Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, on behalf of the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), announced the agreements between the college and local small- and medium-sized businesses.

"Our government is investing in innovation to create jobs and help our small businesses grow," said MP Sweet. "The agreements between Mohawk College and small businesses will allow them to work together on projects that will bring new products to the marketplace."

"New and innovative technologies are changing how we access and use information in areas such as health care and mobile technology. These advancements are creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs that didn’t exist just a few years ago," said Mohawk President Rob MacIsaac. "This support from our federal government is enabling Mohawk students to put their skills and expertise to work developing innovative solutions that help local small- to medium-sized businesses grow and prosper, and encourages economic development in our city."

Last year, under the Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative, Mohawk College was approved for up to $750,000 from FedDev Ontario to partner with small- and medium-sized businesses on activities such as applied research, engineering design, technology development, product testing, and certification. The support provided will create new economic opportunities, help businesses in southern Ontario grow, and enable them to become even more innovative and competitive.

For more information on the Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative and Mohawk College’s partners, please refer to the backgrounder.

Created in 2009, FedDev Ontario supports the southern Ontario economy by building on the region’s strengths and creating opportunities for jobs and economic growth. The Agency has launched a number of initiatives to create a Southern Ontario Advantage and place the region in a strong position to compete in the global economy. These initiatives are designed to encourage partnerships and support projects that help the region’s businesses and communities become more competitive, innovative and diversified. To learn more, please visit or call 1-866-593-5505.

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For more information, contact:
Gary Toft
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Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative

The Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative addresses the unique research and innovation challenges faced by small and medium sized enterprises by helping post-secondary institutions to provide their applied R&D and pre-commercialization expertise to businesses that do not have the internal capacity to undertake those activities.

FedDev Ontario is providing Mohawk College with up to $750,000 to partner with the following 15 small- and medium-sized enterprises on the following projects.

Alloy Casting Industries (New Hamburg)

Alloy Casting is a full service custom foundry specializing in the supply of castings to a range of markets, including process visualization, machining and non-destructive testing. This collaboration with Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS will look to develop a new metal casting sampling method based on the latest concepts in fluid flow kinetics. A new method is necessary because current techniques for sampling test specimens in metal casting introduce several inherent weaknesses which serve as a source of uncertainty. The design phase will be performed by virtualized computer simulation (computational fluid dynamic modeling), followed by shop trials and analysis. It is anticipated that this project will deliver a vastly superior test specimen sampling technique to Alloy Casting. More information is available at:

Anoven Inc. (Hamilton)

Anoven is a life sciences start-up company developing a technology that uses DNA-based tests to diagnose and detect infectious diseases. Compared to conventional diagnostic methods such as microscopy, culture, and immunoassays, DNA-based tests are faster, more sensitive and more specific. Anoven's technology, which allows large numbers of samples to be analyzed quickly and without manual intervention, uses a disposable device that is made from several small components. The aim of the collaboration between iDeaWORKS at Mohawk College and Anoven is to help find a way of assembling this disposable device precisely, consistently, inexpensively and in large quantities. Students and faculty in the Mohawk-McMaster Bachelor of Technology, Process Automation Technology Program are developing a robotic workstation, which includes building end-effectors and programming the motion of a robotic arm, to automate the assembly of the disposable devices. As a result of this project, Anoven will soon secure the production of higher volumes of devices, which they will be able to supply to health science partners.

Basadur Applied Creativity (Burlington)

Basadur Applied Creativity (BAC) helps organizations around the globe use applied creativity to solve problems and create innovative growth opportunities. As part of this process, BAC uses an interactive online tool to help clients learn about their problem-solving styles. Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS is helping BAC to upgrade this online tool's functionality, usability, and security. The aim of this project is to enable the company to handle a higher volume of clients by improving elements of the tool, such as its registration process, account management, design, reporting features and translation into other languages. For more information, visit:

Desire2Learn (Kitchener)

Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn Incorporated (D2L) is a leader in providing innovative eLearning solutions to academic and other leading organizations around the world. D2L is working with Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS to build a prototype for a new a new mobile navigational tool that enables users to download and access bus transit data. Features of this application include the ability to select any route, trip or individual stop that is offered and retrieve arrival and departure times. Users can find their current location, display the four nearest bus stops and their next arrival times, and view individual and entire route maps. The project will also result in a prototype mobile Campus Map application that enables D2L to embed a school campus image and use an XML file to show the location of various campus services. For more information, visit:

ecGroup Inc. (Ancaster)

ecGroup, an eHealth consulting company, has partnered with iDeaWORKS at Mohawk College to develop an innovative new mobile eHealth (mHealth) technology. The cloud-based service sits as a façade in front of an electronic health records system (EHRS) and translates inbound and outbound text messages into standards-based eHealth transactions (HL7v3). This technology has the potential to have a huge impact on the developing world, where PCs are rare but the use of mobile phones is growing rapidly. In remote settings, such technology may be employed to help community-based workers, many of whom have little clinical training, follow the WHO/UNICEF care guidelines regarding maternal, newborn and child health (the MNCH guidelines). Based on the success of the project and its demonstrable benefits in both developing and developed world settings, ecGroup has filed for provisional patent protection of this innovative new technology. For more information, visit:

Fluid Media Inc. (Hamilton)

Fluid Media Inc. (FMi), an emerging company that creates software products for mobile devices, recently launched the iPad Coffeetablet, an application that turns the iPad into a virtual coffee table book. For this project, FMi partnered with iDeaWORKS to create an Android tablet port of the Coffeetablet, resulting in an Android application that includes many of the features of the iPad version. Users can select and arrange photos and videos, then customize these elements with titles and themes. Books are automatically saved and accessible from the main screen, and creations can be viewed on a tablet, then shared via DropBox over the web. With this Android application, FMi will gain entry into the Android market while becoming more diverse in the platforms for which they develop. For more information, visit:

Fuseforward (Toronto)

Fuseforward provides services, tools and solutions to guide complex asset-intensive organizations to performance improvement and operational efficiency, based on better visibility of key performance data. In this collaborative project, Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS and Fuseforward are jointly developing an energy system simulator. Fuseforward has identified energy use monitoring and optimization as a key and emerging area for large scale data analysis. The energy system simulator under development provides representative data from energy measurements typical of a building with years worth of data, to be generated in a matter of a few minutes. The flexibility built into the simulator allows many different scenarios to be tested, thus reducing the time to market and increasing the robustness of the decisions made by Fuseforward's advanced data analytics software. For more information, visit:

Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. (Hamilton)

Founded in 1985, Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions is the leading global provider of water and wastewater simulation software and consulting services. Hydromantis plans to develop a comprehensive analytical software framework for estimating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from water and wastewater treatment facilities. Once the framework has been developed, the company will integrate it with its widely used process-efficiency analysis software (GPS-X, CapdetWorks). The integrated product will help decision-makers estimate the effect of different processes and operational strategies on GHG emissions. Through iDeaWORKS, Mohawk students are facilitating this innovation by researching current methods and models for calculating the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment processes and integrating the selected models into the framework. Ultimately this integrated work will be released as part of the next major revision of the GPS-X product. For more information, visit:

Imtex Membranes Corp. (Mississauga)

Imtex membrane technologies dramatically reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for global clients by leveraging sustainable technologies to enable stewardship of non-renewable energy resources. Imtex is currently developing an oxygen enrichment process using membranes. This collaboration with Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS aims to achieve proof of concept through the design and development of the process and equipment necessary to operate the technology at a prototype demonstration level. This project will bring Imtex closer to commercializing their product. For more information, visit:

Innovention Concepts Inc. /Kanu Inc. (Hamilton)

Kanu Inc. is an emerging marketing company that offers clients promotional, loyalty and licensing services. The goal of this collaboration is to develop software for an online version of Outsmart, a trivia game developed by Innovention Concepts, where each question has more than one correct answer. The online version of the game will be launched on Facebook and Twitter – platforms that will help increase game’s market reach and revenues. The board game version of Outsmart will be available this Fall and is being distributed in Canada by Kroeger. For more information, please visit:

Nemak Canada (Windsor)

Founded in 1979, Nemak is a global manufacturer of aluminum cylinder heads, engine blocks and transmission parts for automotive applications. Its Canadian facility, located in Windsor, Ontario, produces aluminum cylinder blocks for the automotive OEM market. Nemak’s project with Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS will seek to resolve a chronic problem associated with the use of cast iron cylinder bore liners in aluminum cast blocks, which is porosity formation due to gas emanating from the cast-in-place iron liners. This project will attempt to determine the effect of liner surface quality on the nucleation of gas bubbles which could produce porosity in the castings. The project will require the use of casting trials, pattern design, scanning electron microscopy and standard optical microscopy to determine the described effect. The results of this research will help to reduce cost and upgrade product quality for Nemak. More information is available at:

PlayLab (Hamilton)

PlayLab is an educational enrichment program for children with fun, play, and teamwork at its core. Workshops are designed by educators to develop 21st century skills such as creativity, problem-solving, innovative thinking, communication and leadership. Through the application of core learning (concepts from science, arts, social studies, math and literacy) children piece together information from a variety of disciplines and work with their peers to solve real world problems, gaining confidence and developing skills necessary for success in our ever-changing world. The collaboration between Mohawk’s iDeaWORKS and PlayLab will aim to increase PlayLab’s web presence by making program content more accessible to parents. By expanding its online offerings, PlayLab anticipates reaching more clients, increasing their involvement with PlayLab’s programs and ultimately growing their business. For more information, visit:

Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited (New Hamburg)

With over forty years of experience, Riverside Brass specializes in high volume and tight tolerance non-ferrous metal casting, providing advanced capabilities in brass, bronze, aluminum and zinc castings. The production of brass sprinkler frames used for fire control in commercial buildings is a major market for Riverside Brass, and in this collaboration with Mohawk College’s iDeaWORKS, students and faculty are helping to determine optimal low lead and no-lead alloys for these products. The challenge is to select an alloy with the properties of a lead alloy (improved machinability, fluidity and the ability to produce porosity free castings) that is compatible with Riverside’s high production process and tooling. This new alloy is crucial to Riverside’s participation in a major market segment that is exploring the use of low or no-lead alloys. For more information, visit:

The Bauhub (Ontario)

The Bauhub is a "global collective of senior creative minds" – an online network of independent professionals such as graphic designers, writers and marketing professionals – that provides members and potential clients with a platform to connect and form multidisciplinary teams necessary for larger projects. The collaboration with Mohawk’s iDeaWORKS, which involves software programming and functional design, will result in an innovative mobile application that enables The Bauhub’s member base to track their billable hours more accurately. The Bauhub plans to commercialize their new product this year. For more information, visit:

Weever Apps (Hamilton)

Weever Apps is the brainchild of Canadian inventors Andrew J. Holden and Robert Porter – two ‘green web developers’ who were frustrated with the app-store ‘hoops’ and high-costs of the growing mobile web. What they developed is a new service that turns almost any site into a true web app for iPhone, Blackberry Touch, Android and iPad instantly and affordably. Mohawk students are working in partnership with Weever Apps to produce API Connections (social media, photo, video feeds etc.) for cross-platform mobile apps. Additionally, students will work with basic HTML and CSS to create new app styles and visual designs. In this capacity, students receive robust experience in cutting-edge mobile application development and increase their specific programming skills in PHP, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, and CSS among other formats. For more information, visit:

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