Economic Development Initiative – application information requirements


  • Before you begin, please complete the PDF Application. If you experience difficulty when opening the PDF Application, please refer to the instructions posted in the FAQs.
  • Please prepare a proposal that responds to the information requested below. Applicants are required to clearly address each item.
  • Review the guidelines for this program carefully to ensure your proposal meets the application information requirements and initiative objectives.
  • Attach your completed proposal to the PDF application form using the 'Add Attachments' button on that form.
  • For help with your application, please call the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) at 1-866-593-5505.

A. Applicant Information

  • Provide a brief overview of your organization (founding date, history, mandate and membership, major services provided, number of employees by location, etc.).
  • Provide a list of members of your organization's board of directors.
  • Provide the organization's articles of incorporation or letters patent.
  • Provide historical financial statements for the last two (2) fiscal years and the most recent interim financial statement.
  • Provide a summary of any federal or provincial government funding your organization has received within the last three (3) years, including:
    • Department/agency name;
    • Program/initiative name;
    • Dollar amount and type of assistance;
    • Description and purpose of the funding; and
    • Contact person at that department/agency.

B. Your Organization's Business Model and the Impact of the Proposed Project

Project Overview

  • Please provide the following information:
    • Brief overview of your proposed project;
    • Strategic rationale for undertaking this project and how it fits with your mandate and business model;
    • Expected outcomes;
    • Project start and end dates;
    • Project location(s); and
    • How funding will benefit the Official Language Minority Community (OLMC) and target population.

Client Segments & Value Propositions

  • Describe the key services your organization currently provides and for each outline:
    • Key client/stakeholder segments (describe the levels of activity with each, as well as geographic, market and other relevant information); and
    • Value proposition provided to each client/stakeholder segment (what value your organization provides to them).
  • Describe how your project will impact the value proposition to your current client/stakeholder segments and/or how your client/stakeholder base will grow or change.
  • Briefly describe how your project will support the OLMC (industry cluster, attraction of new industries, expansion/competitiveness of existing industries) and how it aligns with your region's economic strategic plan (if applicable).
  • If applicable, describe project strategies for recruiting, integrating and/or retaining youth and workers in transition and welcome services for the integration of immigrants and newcomers into local economy.
  • Attach evidence, including analysis and underlying assumptions, that validates and substantiates your project's opportunity/need and its priority towards the OLMCs (e.g., study, support letters from key client/stakeholders groups/associations, alignment to regional strategic plan, etc.).
  • Provide an overview of similar or complementary services/programming provided by other organizations, including the degree, if any, that they overlap. Indicate whether your project will create duplication of services and/or create synergies with these other initiatives.

Key Partners

  • Provide a list of partners/collaborators that are critical to delivering your organization's current value proposition. Partners/collaborators may include for-profit and not-for profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, community stakeholders and government. Describe their role (in terms of strengthening relations and helping to build the sector).
  • As it relates to your project, please provide:
    • Name and location of all partners/collaborators (financial and non-financial);
    • Their anticipated roles (in terms of customer relationships, channels, key activities and/or key resources);
    • Their contributions to this project; and
    • Status of their support (to be requested, requested but not confirmed, confirmed).
  • Attach written confirmation of commitment (financial and non-financial) from relevant partner organizations, including evidence of their intended contribution.

Stakeholder Relationships

  • As it relates to your project, describe your outreach activities and provide an overview of your organization's track record of successful partnership/collaboration with and/or delivery of services to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • Describe your relationships with key community economic stakeholders and identify any successful collaborative projects and/or projects involving the delivery of services to SMEs.
  • Describe how this project will help to develop or strengthen these outreach activities, partnerships/collaborations and/or delivery of services to SMEs.

Key Activities & Resources

  • Describe the key resources currently in place and the key activities currently undertaken to create and deliver your organization's value proposition and how they may relate to the project. This can include physical, intellectual, human or financial resources and activities such as problem solving, research, production or developing partnerships/collaborations.
  • Describe how this project impacts these current resources and activities.

Cost Structure & Revenue Streams

  • Describe your organization's current financial performance and sustainability (i.e., cost structure and funding sources).
  • Provide details of how your project and any identified initiatives will be sustained beyond project completion. Include, for the three years following project completion, details on sources of revenue/financing, cash flow projections, governance and administration of the initiative.
  • Provide details of how your initiative will be sustained beyond project completion.
  • Indicate whether the organization has made efforts to leverage or diversify its sources of funding. Briefly explain the efforts made to leverage or diversify your sources of funding.

C. Project Plan

  • Provide an implementation schedule for your project. For each major project milestone provide:
    • Start date;
    • End date;
    • Key activities;
    • Where the project will take place; and
    • Target audience/population (provide example, the number of participants or the percentage of the target population that will be impacted by the results of the project).
  • Provide a table of estimated project costs by cost category (labour, consulting and/or professional fees, other non-capital, and capital).
  • Provide a table of budgeted project costs by quarter and by cost category (labour, consulting and/or professional fees, other non-capital, and capital). Describe any underlying assumptions and provide substantiation of forecasted costs (e.g., quotes, tenders, estimates, etc.).
  • Provide a table of sources of cash funding and their status (to be requested, requested or confirmed). Note separately whether any in-kind contributions will also be provided.
  • Outline the track record of your organization's management.
  • Describe your organization's management, operational and technical capacity to undertake the proposed project activities. Include a description of the project's governance structure and decision-making process, accounting/administrative/project management capacity, and other experience and expertise required.
  • Attach your organization's conflict of interest policy and how a potential conflict of interest that may arise during the project would be managed.
  • Identify and describe any significant risks and mitigation strategies related to project implementation and achievement of results.

D. Economic Impact and Results

  • Describe how FedDev Ontario funding will make a difference on any or all of the following: project scope (size), location (level of activity in southern Ontario), timing (project timelines), and economic benefits.
  • Describe how your project will contribute to the development of new expertise through innovation, diversification of economic activities, partnerships and increased support to SMEs within an OLMC in southern Ontario.
  • As a result of this project will any of your partners or collaborators establish new operations in southern Ontario? If yes, please describe.
  • With respect to the impacts specific to your project, provide the:
    • Total number of jobs to be maintained as a result of the project;
    • Total number of jobs to be created during the project;
    • Total number of jobs projected to be created within two (2) years of project completion; and
    • Total number of internships (if applicable).
  • With respect to the impacts specific to your project, provide the number of businesses and the number of other organizations expected to be supported by your project.
  • Describe and provide any relevant metrics as to how your project intends to support any or all of the following program-specific objectives:
    • Enhance the economic base and competitiveness of Francophone communities and SMEs.
    • Respond to the needs, and foster economic growth of community identified industry sectors including knowledge-based and manufacturing industries.
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