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FedDev Ontario service delivery

Our service vision

To provide effective, efficient and client-focused programs and services that contribute to a more competitive, innovative, and diversified southern Ontario economy.

Our pledge

FedDev Ontario will serve you in English or French and is committed to delivering services that are:

FedDev Ontario service standards

Our targets

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Application

FedDev Ontario will acknowledge receipt of an application within two (2) business days of receiving a signed funding application.

Contact Information

FedDev Ontario will provide an applicant with an Agency contact that will be available to respond to inquiries related to their application within 10 business days of acknowledging receipt of the application.

Funding Application Decision

FedDev Ontario will provide a funding decision to an applicant within 90 business days of receiving a complete funding application.


FedDev Ontario will provide payment within 30 business days of receiving a complete claim, including all required claim information, from the recipient.

Our results

Service standard 1. Client acknowledgement 2. Forwarding contact information to client 3. Funding decision to applicant 4. Claims payment
Service standard 2 days 10 days 90 days 30 days
2018-2019Footnote 2
100% 98% 60%Footnote 1 100%
2019-2020Footnote 2
100% 97% 90% 99%
2020-2021Footnote 3
100% 100% 69% 98%

Frequently asked questions

1. Why has FedDev Ontario implemented a commitment related to client contact?

FedDev Ontario is committed to delivering good service to applicants. Providing a direct contact gives the applicant the ability to follow up on the status of an application, claim or other inquiry as necessary throughout the life cycle of a project.

2. How much time does it generally take to process an application?

Multiple factors impact the assessment of an application. The Agency aims to process every application as quickly as possible. Each project is assessed against various objective criteria established by each program or initiative. The time taken to assess an application depends on a number of factors including:

3. How much time does it generally take to receive payment?

For the majority of recipients, FedDev Ontario reimburses  eligible project costs that the recipient has incurred, in line with their signed contribution agreements.

Once a cost has been incurred and paid by the recipient, the recipient will send a list of these expenses to FedDev Ontario. Once the supporting documentation has been verified, FedDev Ontario will reimburse the recipient for eligible costs incurred.

The time taken to reimburse a client depends on a number of factors including:

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