FedDev Ontario Code of Conduct

Appendix B: Definitions

Public servant:
A person employed by FedDev Ontario (you). This includes indeterminate and term employees; individuals on leave without pay; students participating in student employment programs; and casual, seasonal and part-time workers.

Although not public servants, individuals on incoming Interchange Canada assignments are expected to comply with the requirements of this Code. Governor in Council appointees, such as deputy heads, are subject to the Conflict of Interest Act and to the Public Sector Code.

Conflict of Interest (COI):
A situation in which the public servant has private interests that could improperly influence the performance of his or her official duties and responsibilities or in which the public servant uses his or her office for personal gain. A real COI exists at the present time; an apparent COI could be perceived by a reasonable observer to exist, whether or not it is the case; and a potential conflict of interest could reasonably be foreseen to exist in the future.
Conflict of Duties:
A conflict that arises, not because of a public servant's private interests, but as a result of one or more concurrent or competing official responsibilities. For example, these could include the responsibilities of his or her primary public service employment and the responsibilities of an outside role that forms part of his or her official duties, such as an appointment to a board of directors or other outside function.

Appendix C: References

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