Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program - Cost Forecast


The purpose of the Cost Forecast is to identify forecasted costs per month by cost category to support a request for an advance payment.

To complete the Cost Forecast, please download the MS Excel file provided. Once you have downloaded the file, refer to the Claims Submission Process for step-by-step instructions on how to complete and submit the form.

Text from the sheet including some examples may be found below.

Section 1

Project Information
Recipient Name:
Project Number:
Program: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program
Project Title:
Fiscal Year: 2016/2017

Section 2

Reporting Period / Cost Category per annex 1 (April to March; Total forecasted and claimed; Balance to forecast; Eligible Costs as per Annex 1)
Project Management:
FedDev Ontario Authorized Assistance:

Section 3

Comments (if any) observations
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