Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program - Progress Report


The purpose of the Progress Report is to detail progress on the implementation of the project, and amounts received through the agreement, amounts expended on approved projects, and an overall update on the project status.

To complete the Progress Report, please download the MS Excel file provided. Once you have downloaded the file, provide a response for each of the questions listed and submit the form to your project officer.

Text from the report including some examples may be found below.

Fillable Excel version

Recipient Name:
Project Number:
Project Location (City/Town):
Claim Number:

Please answer the following with each report, and provide an explanation in the space provided. Please select Yes or No from the dropdown boxes for all Yes/No questions:
  1. Are all aspects of the Project activity on schedule?
  2. Will the Project be completed on or before the estimated date of substantial completion stated in Annex 1 of your agreement?
  3. Is the cash flow forecast in Annex #1 of your agreement still accurate?
  4. Has there been any change to the scope of work since your last progress report?
  5. Would a discussion with an Agency representative be beneficial now?
  6. Percentage of repair/construction work completed as of this submission: %
  7. Date signage requirements met: DD/MM/YYYY

Certification:The Recipient confirms that the above information is complete, true and correct; and reiterates and confirms the representations made in Subsection 8 of the Contribution Agreement as of the date hereof.
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