Building Canada Fund

All funding for this program has been committed.

In 2008, through its $33 billion Building Canada infrastructure plan, the Government of Canada committed to working with its partners to provide long-term, stable and predictable funding to help meet infrastructure needs across Canada.

The Building Canada Fund in Ontario was a result of the Building Canada Infrastructure Framework Agreement signed between the governments of Canada and Ontario on July 24, 2008. This Agreement represented more than $6 billion in joint federal and provincial funding that helped to address infrastructure needs and priorities across the province. The priority funding categories for the Fund included Core National Highway System (NHS) Routes, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Public Transit and Green Energy. Other eligible investment priority areas included environmental projects (Solid Waste Management), projects that supported economic growth and development (Short-line Rail and Short-sea Shipping, Connectivity and Broadband, Tourism and Regional and Local Airports), as well as projects that contributed to the ongoing development of safe and strong communities (Disaster Mitigation, Culture, Sport, Local Roads and Bridges, and Brownfield Redevelopment). Funding was used to support public infrastructure owned by provincial, territorial and municipal governments and entities, as well as private industry, in certain cases.

The Building Canada Fund (BCF) had two components: the Communities Component and the Major Infrastructure Component.

Communities Component (BCF-CC)

The Communities Component (BCF-CC) focused on projects in communities with populations of less than 100,000. FedDev Ontario was responsible for delivering the BCF-CC in Ontario in partnership with the Government of Ontario. Projects in Ontario were selected through an application-based process and were evaluated based on the criteria outlined in the two different intakes.

For more information on the Communities Component, visit the Infrastructure Canada website.

Major Infrastructure Component (BCF-MIC)

The Major Infrastructure Component (BCF-MIC) targeted larger, strategic projects of national and regional significance. Under MIC, two-thirds of funding, on a national basis, was directed to several national priorities. Projects were selected on the basis of merit through a federal-provincial/territorial negotiation process and all projects were required to meet criteria targeting environmental, economic and quality of life objectives—regardless of the category. Innovative technologies and partnerships were emphasized. Infrastructure Canada (INFC) is responsible for delivering MIC projects in Ontario.

For more information on the Building Canada Fund across the country, visit the Infrastructure Canada website.

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