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FedDev Ontario Social Media Protocol

Official Policy

Our communication in social media channels should not be considered the authoritative source of new policy or guidance on services and programs from FedDev Ontario. Any change or evolution in the official position on Government of Canada services and programs will be communicated through more traditional channels, such as official publications (online and offline), speeches, media releases, statements to the traditional media, and agency website.


We aim to update and monitor our social media accounts during regular office hours between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Third party social media providers may occasionally be unavailable, and we accept no responsibility for lack of service owing to downtime.


The content we contribute to social media channels is based on anticipated public interest about our agency's programs and initiatives. This includes information regarding FedDev Ontario press releases and announcements.

We may remove content which is out-dated, incorrect or restricted in time by licensing agreements. We apologize for any inconvenience when this occurs.

Comments and Interaction

We welcome feedback and ideas from all social media users. All messages will be read and any emerging themes or helpful suggestions will be passed to the relevant people in the agency.

Although we are not able to reply individually to all the messages we receive, possible responses will be handled on a case-by-case basis and we will participate in discussions when appropriate.

We ask that your comments be relevant and respectful. We reserve the right to delete comments that violate this notice, and the user may be blocked and reported to prevent further inappropriate comments.

We cannot engage in issues of party politics or answer questions that break the rules of this notice.

We reserve the right to edit or remove comments that:

  • Contain personal information;
  • Are contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • Express racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting or life-threatening messages;
  • Put forward serious, unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations;
  • Are aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene or pornographic;
  • Are offensive, rude or abusive to an individual or an organization;
  • Are not sent by the author or are put forward for advertising purposes;
  • Encourage illegal activity;
  • Contain announcements from labour or political organizations;
  • Are written in a language other than English or French;
  • Are unintelligible or irrelevant;
  • Are repetitive or spam; and
  • Do not, in our opinion, add to the normal flow of the discussion.

In short, please be respectful and make sure that your comments are relevant to where they are posted. The views of users commenting on our social media accounts do not necessarily represent the views of FedDev Ontario or the Government of Canada.


FedDev Ontario's decision to "follow" users does not imply endorsement of another social media account. Links will be based on their relevance to programs and services and perceived usefulness to the public.

Similarly, the appearance of a user as a follower of our agency's account does not imply endorsement of any kind by the agency or the Government of Canada. We will take steps to remove or block followers when they violate outlined terms of service.


Third-party social media service providers are not bound by Government of Canada's Web accessibility practices; however the Government of Canada is committed to achieving a high standard of accessibility and is working to address issues with external platforms. If you have any problems accessing any information on the site please visit our website for fully accessible content or contact us.


FedDev Ontario social media accounts are not hosted on Government of Canada Web sites. These accounts serve as an extension of the agency's presence on the Internet. Users are encouraged to read the privacy policy for these service providers.

Users are strongly advised not to post personal information, such as home addresses or telephone numbers, photographs containing images of identifiable individuals, or any other personal information as defined in Section 3 of the Privacy Act.

Should you have any questions about your privacy rights as explained in this protocol, please contact the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator.

Official Languages

Many social media services have multiple language options for their interface. Please find the sites instructions on how to satisfy your preferences.

English and French are the official languages of Canada for communications and services from the Government of Canada to the public. Members of the public have the right to communicate with and receive services from the Government of Canada in either English or French. When a third party is providing services to, or communicating with the public on its behalf, the institution will strive to ensure that the public's language rights are respected.

For example, content will be posted simultaneously in both official languages on their respective accounts. When social commentary features are enabled, users are encouraged to respond in the official language of their choice. Comments, video responses, and questions that require a response will be answered in the official language of origin. When summaries are provided, they are posted in both official languages simultaneously and are of equal quality.

Links to Other Websites

Links to websites not under the control of the Government of Canada are provided solely for the convenience of users. The Government of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or the reliability of the content. The Government of Canada does not offer any guarantee in that regard and is not responsible for the information found through these links, nor does it endorse the sites and their content.

Questions and Media Requests

If you want to contact us for official correspondence, please visit the Contact Us section of our website. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Social Media Team.

We encourage the media to follow traditional channels to make a media request.

Please see FedDev Ontario's Terms and conditions for additional information.

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