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FedDev Ontario: Fostering Innovation

Region: Niagara

[Jeff Chesebrough, Director – nGen, speaking to the camera]

nGen’s a not-for-profit. We’re Niagara Interactive Media Generator, and our goal is to build a cluster in interactive media.

Part of the reason nGen does exist is we are trying to diversify our economy in Niagara, and interactive media is one of the pillars we are trying to focus on.

We approached FedDev for assistance to expand our facility first off and provide that level of technology and access to technology that we felt necessary to help us to enable to grow this cluster, Interactive Media Niagara.

What makes this facility unique is the mix of technology that we have under one roof. We have a leading edge motion capture system, a state of the art editing, compositing lab and a full recording studio. FedDev was our major contributor to this project, through that initiative, we were able to fulfil nGens mandate, and help diversify the economy by making this area a hub in interactive media and hopefully one of the leaders across the country.

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