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Maksteel - Yves Landry Foundation (AIME Program)

FedDev Ontario: Increasing Opportunities

Region: Mississauga

[Mike McKernan, Vice President – Maksteel, speaking to the camera]

Maksteel is a 30 year old company that specializes in steel processing in the steel automotive industry in North America.

Recently many of our customers have asked us to supply specifications that we couldn’t supply, so unfortunately we had to refuse the business.

To remain competitive here in Southern Ontario, what we had to do was re-engineer some of our tooling [pause], we had to re-educate and train our employees [pause] in order for us to move forward, to be competitive, and to be honest to survive in the steel automotive industry.

Mike McKernan – Through FedDev and Yves Landry, we re-tooled some of our equipment in order to be capable of these new specifications. We’ve also trained and educated our people to those new specifications, that we couldn’t normally supply. The final outcome, is we’ve increased the business, and we’ve increased our staff.

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