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YMCA of Western Ontario

FedDev Ontario: Renewing Infrastructure

Region: Southwestern Ontario

[Shaun Elliott, PDG, YMCA of Western Ontario speaking to the camera]

We're the YMCAof Western Ontario. We serve St. Thomas, Woodstock, Strathroy and London, Ontario. A key part of our challenge, of course, for us, is infrastructure and facilities.

[Switch to Bryan May - Director – YMCA WoodStock speaking to the camera].

The FedDev funding, has addressed the issue that we have of providing a really nice facility for the members in this community and to be sustainable.

[Switch to Katie Payler – Director YMCA St. Thomas speaking to the camera].

Our pool is very old here, so the funding addressed the problems of updating our pool, as well as our family change room and also our wellness centre.

[Switch to Nicole D'Airro – Director YMCA Centre speaking to the camera].

With the funding we've also been able to address the needs of the community and we're really fortunate to be able to expand our space, offer more programs, and have community use the YMCA for many years to come.

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