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Prosperity Initiative - Flying Colours Corp.

FedDev Ontario:  Diversifying and Strengthening the Region's Economies

Region: Peterborough

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[Text on screen – Diversifying and Strengthening the Region's Economies]

[Kate Gillespie-Ahrens - Director, Interior Design and Business Development, Flying Colours Corp., Peterborough]

Flying Colours is an aviation service provider specializing in executive conversions, which includes aircraft interior modifications, completions and maintenance.

My father started the company in 1989. Today, we're the largest tenant at the Peterborough airport, so any growth in our business is a direct growth within the supply chain.

We approached FedDev Ontario for funding through the Prosperity Initiative. Part of the reason was to keep up with the new business opportunities created by the recent expansion at the Peterborough airport.

[Switch to Gerry Vandersanden - President, Sciens Industries Inc., Peterborough]

Sciens Industries produces custom machine components, and we've been producing structural components for Flying Colours since 2007.

As a result of our relationship from Flying Colours, we've had to increase our facility by four times, and we've increased our staffing by two-and-a-half times. We've also had to be proactive at upgrading our quality management system to keep up with the growing demands for aerospace components.

There are so many companies that supply Flying Colours that any growth that that company sees is going to have a positive effect on the entire supply chain.

[Switch to Kate Gillespie-Ahrens]

With the funding we received from FedDev Ontario, we've been able to expand our overall facilities and acquire new technologies. These upgrades have allowed us to keep pace with the growth of the airport, as well as reach a larger international market.

We have implemented AS9100 certification for Bombardier, which has allowed us to add 40 new full-time, specialized positions.

FedDev Ontario has helped us take an important step forward to grow and diversify our business. It's been extraordinary really for us, as well as had a significant impact on our community, in terms of creating jobs and new business opportunities.

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